Textile Printing Inks

Many reports have been published in 2008 and 2009 stating that prints made with alternative techniques in the USA caused allergic reactions in infants and adults
Upon this, the US authorities have put severe restrictions on the use of heavy metals and phthalates in children’s and adult products’ inks. The industry has gone through a series of changes to meet new standards. Some companies have started to produce water based inks in accordance with the new standards.
However, it turned out that these new ” user-friendly ” labels should be more resistant to washing, especially to repeated washings at high temperatures.

Tested for OEKO-TEX norms.

Ink Print Labeling has been developed with all the consumables and production processes to be friendly to the user with this reasoning.

The system, which does not contain harmful substances for health and has the durability required by the textile industry, has begun to gain a large place in the world market.

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Textile Printing Inks

Textile printing inks have been found to be able to withstand more than 50 washes with washing machines, in tests made by Centro Cotoniero in Busto Arsizio (Italy
All of the inks used in unlabeled marking and washing instructions, do not affect the conformity of your product with the norms such as OEKO-TEX, RSL.
Inkprint Unlabeled Marking and washing instructions print inks are resistant to stretching and rubbing and do not glaze on the fabric.