Tagless Printing

Etiketsiz markalama baskısı esneme görseli
The tagless printing is elastic and can flex with the fabric.

Known as TAGLESS clothing which don’t contain labels on underwear, t-shirts, denims, swimwear, socks, corsets, gloves etc., have been rapidly grew up (widespread) all over the world and this method becomes the new standard of the clothing manufacturing.

INKPRINT technology is new, serial and economical technology in the textile sector for label-free marking and preferred by the manufacturers who produce hundreds or thousands of daily prints in different volumes.

The basis of ink print technology is direct printing. The ink print technique has been born with the changes in the direct printing technique, the development of the ink and consumables suitable for the textile in accordance with the needs of the textile sector.

İç Çamaşır Etiketlerine Son
Cutting the label of the washing instructions may cause the products to be washed incorrectly.

If we take a look at the advantages of this widespread application;

-End User’s Preference
It is a great comfort for the users that there is not a stitched label on the products.
Generally when the product is purchase, the labels of instructions for use and washing is discarded from the product.
Tagless clothing removes this uncomfortable situation and puts the user’s utmost comfort in the forefront. For this reason, among the preferences of the end users, the tagless clothing is located in the front line.

-Manufacturer’s Reasons for Choosing Ink Print Technology
Ink print technology is a much simpler and less costly application process than label stitching. This application, which is seen as a series and economical in the textile sector, has provided a significant increase in the production volume of thousands of manufacturers. Ink print label-free marking, which can respond to the needs of the textile industry, displays a much more rapid production process with direct printing.
The development of inks and consumables suitable for textiles in line with the increasing needs of the sector has led to the application of Ink print tagless printing, taking place among the manufacturers’ preference.

Why Tagless Printing Is Cheap?

Etiketsiz markalama baskısı esneme görseli
Possibility of serial printing with Ink Print technology

-Possibility of Fast Printing

Immediately after printing, the ink dries out for 1 to 3 seconds and the product is ready for packing. The system can go up to 1500 prints per hour; the print speed depends on the operating speed of the operator.
For a monochrome label 5 cm in diameter, the average speed is 1000 prints/hour.
Multicolor printing machines can print at speeds close to the speed of monochrome machines when feeders are installed to complete all colors in a single cycle.
The multicolor printing speed can reach up to 800 prints / hour depending on the print image and the type of the textile material.

-Cost Advantage

Another important advantage of the ink print tagless printing technique is the cost per item in serial printing.
Since the amount of ink needed for ink printing is small, when all other consumable materials such as silicone and clichés are added, the resulting cost per print is € 0.002 (Please refer to the cost chart for detailed comparison).

-Savings from Investment Cost and Energy Consumption

The costs of INKPRINT machines are similar to the transfer printing machines, but their operating costs are very low. Since ink print machines do not generate heat, the electricity consumption is negligible and does not require significant investments to ensure the weather conditions of the working environment.
Print speeds are high, equipment and consumables are cheap.
When all these costs are taken into consideration, the savings provided by this new technique, especially for high-volume manufacturing enterprises, are indisputable.

-Start Printing in a Short Time

The machine is ready for printing in a few minutes. The design prepared on the computer is transferred without loss in the cliché construction process. Cliché preparation are rather short compared to the delivery times of label orders.
In addition, if the minimum order quantities for the label and overstocking are calculated, the flexibility that the INKPRINT label-free marking technique gives to the textile manufacturer is revealed.

Advantages of Ink Print Tagless Printing Method

The sewn labels disturb the skin and generally they have been cut by the customers. But while cutting the labels unwanted situations can occur, such as: the customer can cut the fabric, or the uncutted parts of the label continue to disturb the skin. By cutting the label, the washing instructions can also be lost so the product can be washed in a wrong way.

In some cases, labels may be altered so that information about the product may be corrupted. In case of direct printing on the product, it is not possible to change the origin afterwards.

  • It can be applied on finished products such as seamless clothing, underwear, t-shirts, shirts, pants, socks, sportswear, swimwear, hats or before sewing of products.
  • Due to the elasticity of the ink, there are no ruptures or shrinkages when the fabric is stretched. There will be no glare or fuzz on the fabric after printing.
  • It is possible to print the barcode along with the instruction, facilitating the operation of sales and after sales.
  • Perfect quality printing of very fine lines and articles is possible.
  • There is no need for small and high production quantities, and printing can start immediately when decided.
  • With high efficiency it can print over 1000 pieces/hour.
  • Color usage is unlimited on light colored fabrics. With special colors, printing is not visible from the outside, but can be read easily when viewed under light.
  • Printing can be done at every point of the piece.

Usage Areas of  Tagless Printing

From underwear to baby clothing, from waistband and socks to gloves, almost every manufacturer now benefits from tagless printing.
The product can be printed without coming to the sewing stage with the application providing great advantages for the manufacturers and end users.
The printing can be done on various places of the product, as well as prints that can not be seen under normal light sources with special inks but can be seen by U.V light sources so the distinction of fake products can be provided.
The increasingly widespread use of ink print tagless printing further strengthens its position.
Tagless printing, which has become important for the end user, has a very important place for users who prefer seamless clothing.

Only a Few Samples of Usage:;

Tagless Printing Sample