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Innovation in Textile Market: Tagless Printing

etiket-baskiTextile tagless printing and washing instruction print is a method that can be applied immediately before shipment of finished products such as seamless clothing, underwear, cotton, t-shirt, shirt, socks, sportswear, swimwear and hats. This method has proven its reliability in Turkey since 2004.

Since INKPRINT printing machines can directly and permanently print on the fabric, the necessity of sewing labels in the textile industry is no longer necessary.

Inkprint Unlabeled Marking is resistant to washing, flexing and rubbing, and does not glaze on the fabric.

Why Use Direct Label Printing on Clothes, Instead of Sewed or Hot Printed Tags:

  • In most of the lingerie, the sewed tag is in contact with the skin, and can be very irritating; often the end user cuts the tag off. This may cause some problems: the cloth can be damaged while cutting off the tag, or the ramnant parts of the tag can be annoying in contact with the skin.
  • Tagless label prevents falsification or substitution of the label; printing the label directly on the cloth makes impossible changing the mark and the origin of the product.
  • Ability to print the barcode on the product; makes possible to identify the product in stores and to trace the products returned by the end user.
  • Tagless label application is indispensable for Seamless’s producers in sport and lingerie departments; it’s because the label is printed instead of sewed with a tag on the product. Seamless’s clothing usually should not have any stitches.
  • Tagless label aplication makes the producer independent from the tag producers and saves the need of ordering and stocking the whole scale of the tags for every single model and size. Eventually the producer has the possibility to print his labels JUST IN TIME following his production needs.
  • The ink used in tagless label print is very elastic, and in despite of the hot printing, it does not cause damage or shrinkage on the cloth.
  • Tagles label printing guarantees top quality and high definition of the print.
  • High speed productivity: over than 1000 prints per hour.
  • Different colours can be used to gain custom label design.
  • The tagless label print can be applied on any part of the cloth.
  • The tagless label print can be applied after the production process of the cloth.

Tagless Printing

Inkprint technique is new, serial and economical technology in the textile sector for label-free marking.

Washing Instructions Printing Machines

Textile producers can now print their brands and washing instructions directly on the product.

Textile Printing Inks

All our textile printing inks have a declaration of conformity to the OEKOTEX norms.

OEKO-TEX Compliance Information

Printing inks and all consumables do not affect Oeko-Tex compliance with your product and do not contain substances harmful to human health.

Wash Fastness Tests

Inkprint Unlabeled Marking and Washing Instructions printing methods’ test results of the washing tests.

Nike RSL Tests

PLTTEXA Unlabeled Marking and Washing Instructions Printing ink Nike RSL requirements test results.