Traffic Sign TCI 8790

Two component screen printing ink with high resistance to petroleum products, quick drying serigraphy ink.

Application Area

It is applied on retro reflective folio used on Traffic and Road Signs.The service life on high performance foil is 3 years. The use of topcoat varnish increases the resistance to mechanical effects.

All colors are suited to the color standards set by the General Directorate of Highways.

Technical Specifications 


High Print Quality


High mechanical and chemical resistance


Air Dry: 5 ÔÇô 20 minutes

Tunnel Oven Drying: At 45-55┬░C 15-40 seconds



Silk Features

To obtain the best color transmittance between TCI 8792 and TCI 8797 use 73-55T, between  TCI 8798 and TCI 8700 FW106 colors use 100-40Tsilk.

Amount of Coating

When using 73-55 T mesh:  approximately 35 m²/l.

When using 100-40 T mesh:  Approximately 45 m²/l.


Hardener (Catalyst)

Hardener no.2 (Catalyst) is added in an amount of 10% by weight to the ink or varnish. Mixing of the catalyst at different ratios will adversely affect the drying properties and the external strength.

The lifetime of the catalyst and ink mixture is about 72 hours at 20 ┬░ C.


15-20% Thinner 10 is added to the ink and catalyst mixture. Due to the ambient conditions, thinner 10 can be replaced by retarder 4 or retarder 8 partly or wholly.

Protective Varnish

Application of the topcoat varnish on printing does not affect light transmittance but increases mechanical strength. 100T silk must be used during application.

The topcoat of protective varnish should be applied within 48 hours of the first printing.

Hardener #2
Packaging1 lt, 5 lt
Thinner #10 (Fast thinner)
Packaging1 lt, 5 lt
Retarder #4 (Very slow)
Retarder #8
Color Scale
Traffic Sign Blue8792
Traffic Sign Green8794
Traffic Sign Orange8795
Traffic Sign Yellow8797
Traffic Sign Red8796
Traffic Sign Dark Red8798
Traffic Sign Red FW 1068700