Printing Pads

Pad ┬áis the basic element for ink transfer. For this reason, shape, hardness, surface quality and silicone type are very important. As hard as possible, mat and pointed┬ásilicones should be preferred. Pad life is about 50.000 – 250.000 according to the raw material type, form, hardness and expected print quality.

Using the form below, you can filter according to the pad sizes you need.

Printing Pad Search

You can find the pad you are looking for by choosing the width, height, diameter and shape.

Round Pads

Round pads are listed together with their dimensions.

Rectangular Pads

Rectangular pads are listed together with their dimensions.

Roof Pads / Triangular Pads

Triangular pads are listed together with their dimensions.

Radiused Roofed Special Pads

Radiused Roofed pads are listed together with their dimensions.

Fishbelly Printing Pads

Fishbelly pads are listed together with their dimensions.

Rules to be considered at Pad Selection

  • It has to be hard enough to avoid damage to the material, hardness between Shore A3-A12 is usually sufficient,
  • Use pointed┬ápads whenever possible,
  • The pad print area must be 20% larger than the print area of the material,
  • Higher pads should be chosen as much as the machine construction allows.

Rules to be considered at using the pads

  • The pads should only be cleaned with solvent when it is brand new or not used for a long time.
  • During operation, the pad should be cleaned with adhesive tape, never rub the printing surface with dry cloth or hand.
  • The pad must not be over-crushed on the material or clich├ę.
  • During the storage of unused pads, their surfaces should not come in contact with other objects and should be stored after the surface has been cleaned.

Standard Pad Types

Basically three different raw materials are used at our company. Pads with the same size and shape can be made from different raw materials, for this reason, they show different attitudes towards different ink series.

Common pad types which are used in our company;

  • Type 01 Reddish Brown: It is suitable for rapid work and durable.
  • Type 03 Turquoise: It is antistatic and should be preferred at the printing of electronic circuits and components.
  • Type 05 Blue: Durable and standard production.

Standard Pad Hardness

  • Shore OO25
  • Shore OO30
  • Shore OO34
  • Shore OO38
  • Shore OO42
  • Shore A3
  • Shore A6
  • Shore A12
  • Shore A16
  • Shore A22

Shore  OO ve Shore A  are different hardness scales.

The hardnesses are sorted from the softest to hardest.