COMEC XE-TECH 16-20 Plotter Pad Printing Machine

PDF Download pdf fileXE-TECH 16-20 is a product of years of research, design and application experience designed to carry out complex printing jobs in the Pad printing industry.

The new CNC machine, called PLOTTER, has all the features of a fully automatic and computer-aided pad printing center.

XE-TECH 16-20 Plotter
XE-TECH 16-20 Plotter

The entire system is controlled by special software that can be used on a PC computer to learn drawing and printing details, select and use the appropriate one from 3 different pads and 6 closed ink trays according to the job. 4-axis standard, up to 8 axes controllable optional models available

XE-TECH 16-20 with its advanced features enables the work to be done in different serigraphy and pad printing stations with a single machine and operator.

Provides unique solutions at printing of control panels of washing-dishwasher machines and household goods. On the inclined surfaces, corrects the bending of the prints by its self-pivoting print head and its ability to rotate the parts to be printed around a separate axis.

Technical Specifications

Printing FeaturesXE-TECH16/20 5CXE-TECH16/20 6C
Number of Colors5 Colors6 Colors
Cliché Size275×580 mm (1)220×440 mm (2)180×360 mm (2)220×440 mm (2)180×360 mm (4)
Closed Ink Tray Diameterø250 mmø200 mmø160 mmø200 mmø160 mm
Maximum Printing Areaø235 mmø185 mmø145 mmø185 mmø145 mm
Y Axis Print Movement – –
Z Axis Printing Movement200 mm200 mm
Maximum Printing Pressure1700 N1700 N
Supply and Control
ControlBrushless Motor-Endless Screw
Power Supply380 Volt
Pneumatic Supply6 Bar
Width2000 mm2000 mm
Length2400 mm2400 mm
Height2150 mm2150 mm
Weight± 1600 kg± 1600 kg