COMEC MINIPRINT KP05 Pad Printing Machine

PDF Download pdf fileThe MINIPRINT KP05 is one of the small models of the Comec-Italia KP series machine range. They have been produced from high quality materials with advanced technological design.

The use of the closed ink tray system ensures rapid color changes and saves over 50% of the ink consumption during the ink change.


Another advantage of the system is that it does not allow solvents that evaporate continuously from the ink reservoir, it does not require inking intervention during printing and ensures that the working environment is healthier.

With the electronic keyboard, all printing parameters and pneumatic pressure on the cliché and material can be adjusted on the screen.
Monochrome machines are sold with 90 mm diameter closed ink trays and 100 × 200 mm standard cliché sizes, two color machines 70 mm diameter closed ink trays and 80 × 200 mm standard cliché sizes
The KP series can be fitted with a cleaning device, in which the pad cleans itself at intervals determined by the operator, reducing wastage.

One of the most important features that distinguish it from similar ones is that the cliché table is moving.
The fixture on which the materials to be printed are placed can be quickly adjusted and fixed with micrometric adjustment in the XYZ axes and ± 15 ° rotation ability in its axis.

Thanks to the conversion kits required for 1 or 2 color printing, the two-color purchased machine can be used in monochrome for larger prints with a 90 mm tray that can be replaced by removing 70 mm diameter ink jets.

The monochrome purchased machine can easily be converted into a two-color machine with two color kit, with the change of needs in the future.
The use of the machine is quite simple.

All models are equipped with maintenance-free pneumatic equipment and do not require special maintenance

Technical Specifications

Printing Features1C2C RR
Number of Colors1 Color2 Colors
Cliché Size100×200 mm80×200 mm
Closed Ink Tray Diameter90 mm70 mm
Maximum Printing Areaø75 mmø55 mm
Pad Group Carrier Cylinder Length160 mm (*)160 mm (*)
Printing Cylinder Length100 mm100 mm
Two Colors RR Cylinder Length125mm
Maximum Printing Pressure680 N680 N
Printing Speed/Hour1250 Pieces800 Pieces
Supply and Control
ControlElectro Pneumatic
Power Supply110/220 Volt
Pneumatic Supply6 Bar
Width335 mm435 mm
Length580 mm580 mm
Height690 mm690 mm
Weight without Base44 kg58 kg

(*)The pad group and the ink tray are moved by two independent pneumatic cylinders.

In this way, printing can be done on larger parts than on machines with a single pneumatic cylinder


  • Steel machine table with cabinet painted in body color
  • Cleaning device
  • Hotwind 200, supplies hot air to pads
  • Pneumatic linear shuttle with two positions
  • Pneumatic or electrical rotary table.
  • Scale
  • Extended setting table support
  • Mono color conversion kit
  • Two colors conversion kit


  • Machine accessories are available on request.