COMEC INKPRINT KP13 Pad Printing Machine

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KP13 is designed to develop pad printing and reduce the work as much as possible with its modern exterior and new techonology. All the know-how for improving print quality and production performance has been transferred to KP13 series with more than 40 years of experience in machine production and printing.

All the horizontal and vertical movements of the pads, stand and feeder unit are adjusted by the industrial PC in the control console. Print inking, print height, and pause values ​​are stored on the PC so that the time switching from one print to the next print is shortened.

KP13 is a range of products with a rich product range of 1-5 colors, which can be slid for long prints when needed. The diameter of the ink tray is 130 mm.

The machines are prepared in accordance with your special printing purposes and special design changes according to your requests are possible.

Technical Specifications

Printing FeaturesKP13 1CKP13 4C/5CKP13 4C/5C Independent PadKP13 1C Sliding
Number of Colors1 Color4/5 Colors4/5 Colors1 Color
Cliche Size150×300 mm150×300 mm150×300 mm150×550 mm
Closed Ink Tray Diameterø130 mmø130 mmø90 mmø130 mm
Maximum Printing Areaø115 mmø115 mmø115 mm115 mm x 300 mm
Pad Group Carrier Cylinder Length320 mm320 mm320 mm320 mm
Printing Cylinder Length100 mm100 mmXXX mm100 mm
Two Colors RR Cylinder Length
Maximum Printing Pressure4700 N4700 N4700 N4700 N
Supply and Control
ControlElectro Pneumatic
Power Supply380 Volt / 220 Volt
Pneumatic Supply6 Bar
Width1600 mm*2060 mm*2060 mm*1600 mm*
Length1536 mm*1536 mm1536 mm1536 mm
Height1937 mm*1937 mm*1937 mm*1937 mm*
Weight with Base± 900 kg*± 900 kg*± 900 kg*± 900 kg*


  • Hotwind 200; continiously provides hot air to the pads.
  • Automatic pad cleaning (Patented).
  • Independent movement of the pads.
  • Pre-treatment with corona or flame before printing.
  • Various equipments for automatic loading and unloading of parts to be printed.
  • De-Ionizer.
  • UV dryer for UV inks.
  • All feeding types: step-by-step, linear, elliptical or rotary table.


  • Machine accessories are optional.