COMEC INKPRINT KP06 Pad Printing Machine

PDF Download pdf fileThe electro pneumatic pad printer XP06, designed to be part of an electronically controlled automation systems, ensures sharp precision and high-quality prints even when applied on inclined surfaces.

Features of electro pneumatic construction in KP 06 models;

  • 1 or 2 colors printing with 110 mm diameter closed ink trays,
  • Use of rotary table or station type loaders in two-color models,
  • 360 ° printing with the use of AUR-360 equipment,
  • Printing of two or more materials at the same time,
  • Increase the coverage by printing twice with high sensitivity,

Preparing the machine for printing is simple and fast.

The plates on which the clichés are placed are mounted on bearings which are movable in the x-y axes and are capable of ± 10 ° rotation in their axis.

All the machines are equipped with closed type ceramic ringed trays for the quick and easy application of the ink to the clichés and to increase the cliché life.
The machine also prevents evaporation of solvents in the ink mixture, allowing printing jobs to be done in a healthier environment.

The fixture on which the pieces to be printed are placed can be quickly adjusted and fixed with micrometric adjustment in the XYZ axes and ± 15 ° rotation ability in its axis.

They are equipped with maintenance free pneumatic equipment and do not require special maintenance.

Technical Specifications

Printing FeaturesKP06 1CKP06 2C RRKP08 1C SÜRGÜLÜ
Number of Colors1 Color2 Colors1 Colors
Cliché Size120×250 mm120×250 mm100×400 mm
Closed Ink Tray Diameterø110 mmø110 mmø90 mm
Maximum Printing Areaø95 mmø95 mm75 mm x 300 mm
Pad Group Carrier Cylinder Length200 mm200 mm200 mm
Printing Cylinder Length100 mm100 mm100 mm
Two Colors RR Cylinder Length125 mm
Maximum Printing Pressure1180 N1180 N1180 N
Printing Speed/Hour1200 Pieces800 Pieces750 Pieces
Supply and Control
ControlElectro Pneumatic
Power Supply220 Volt
Pneumatic Supply6 Bar
Width500 mm500 mm500 mm
Length900 mm900 mm900 mm
Height700 mm1100 mm1100 mm
Wight Without Base85 kg95 kg90 kg


  • Steel machine base painted in body color with cabinet.
  • Hotwind 200; supplies hot air to pads.
  • Automatic pad cleaning equipment (patented).
  • Independent motion option of the pads.
  • Pretreatment with corona or flame methods prior to printing.
  • Various equipment for automatic loading and unloading of pieces to be printed.
  • De-Ionizer.
  • UV dryer for UV inks.
  • All feeding types: step-by-step, linear, elliptical or rotary table


  • Machine accessories are available on request