COMEC INKPRINT KP04/KP07 Pad Printing Machine

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Pad printing can be used for an unlimited range of applications and that is the reason we have devised an horizontal pad printing machine, suitable to print at 90°, so as to simplify printing requirements on automated lines without in any way having to change the positioning of the article. The supporting structure is made of steel and all machine movements are electropneumatic in order to guarantee rigidity and absolute precision in printing, even at very high operating cycles (800-1500 cycles per hour for model KE07 and 800-1200 for model KP04 and KP07). The KE-07 version is equipped with a brushless motor for the 90° rotation of the pad that allow an higher output per hour compare to the pneumatic version KP07.

The machines are equipped with a digital programmable microprocessor, capable of executing multiple operations, to make the machines capable of performing all the production functions that may be required of them.

KP07 and KE07 machines are available with single to 4 colour printing facility, with the new ceramic closed ink cup system. The new closed ink cups make it possible to work for longer without adding colour and solvent and, in particular, eliminate wastage. For optimum use of the machine, we can on request supply an automatic and programmable printing pad cleaning device, with adhesive tape.



Technical Specifications

Printing FeaturesKP04KP04GLKP07KE07
Number of Colors1 Color1 Color1-4 Colors1-4 Colors
Cliche Size100×200 mm200×200 mm180×360 mm180×360 mm
Closed Ink Tray Diameterø90 mmø60 mmø160 mmø160 mm
Maximum printing Areaø75 mmø55 mmø145 mmø145 mm
Adjustable Pad Rotation Angle0-90°0-90°0-90°0-90°
Printing Cylinder Length125 mm200 mm200 mm200 mm
Maximum Printing Pressure480 N480 N1870 N1870 N
Printing Speed/Hour1200 Pieces1200 Pieces1000 Pieces1000 Pieces
Supply and Control
ControlElectro PneumaticElectric
Power Supply220 Volt
Pneumatic Supply6 Bar
Width350 mm350 mm320 mm320 mm
Length670 mm670 mm960 mm960 mm
Height550 mm550 mm812 mm812 mm
Weight Without base45 kg45-60 kg120-200 kg120-200 kg