Hermetic closed ink cups

Pad Printing Machine

COMEC INKPRINT EAZY 130 Pad Printing Machine

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The last member of COMEC-ITALIA EAZY product line, the EAZY 130 Pad Printing Machine, is made of high-quality components for high quality printing.

It always provides high pad print quality with the following features.


⦁ Closed tray; single color 130mm, two colors 110mm ceramic inkcups.
⦁ Digital control panel.
⦁ FESTO, PARKER, SMC pneumatic components, worldwide spare parts stock.
⦁ Maintenance-free type elements do not require extra maintenance.
⦁ Inkcups and pad groups are activated by different cylinders.
⦁ Steel body.


⦁ Large prints on large sized pieces.
⦁ Dish washers, washing machines, television, vacuum cleaners, small house hold appliances
⦁ Electricity meters, single buttons, single outlet.
⦁ Plastic; socket safe, storage containers.
⦁ Automotive; plastic and metal parts, hoses.

Easy Color Exchange

Pad Printing Machine closed ink tray ceramic paint system
Up to 50% saving in ink consumption with closed ink cups.

The hermetic system, 130 mm in diameter, which uses a closed ink tray with a ceramic scrping ring, makes color exchanges easy.
Extra savings in ink consumption can be achieved by using 110 mm, 90 mm, 70 mm, and 60 mm ink trays for small prints instead of 130 mm ink cups.

Up to 50% Savings in Ink Consumption

The closed ink cup system saves up to 50% ink consumption during the ink exchange and also increases the life of the cliché with ceramic rings.
Because the ink cup prevents the evaporation of the solvents in the ink, it makes the printing environment healthier.

Easy-to-use Pad Printing Machine

Pad Printing Machine Digital Panel
Perfect printing with precise adjustment.

The new digital control unit of Eazy 130 makes it easy to make precise changes and adjustments in the printing process.
Pneumatic equipment makes perfect balanced printing and independent pressure regulation possible.
The use of the multilingual panel is quite simple.

Easy Transfer to Two Color Printing

Thanks to the conversion kits required for 1 or 2 color printing, the two-color machine can be used as single color for larger prints with a 130 mm ink cup, which can be replaced by removing 110 mm diameter ink cups.
The single color machine can be converted into a two-color machine in the future with two color kits.

Maintenance-Free Construction

The monochrome Eazy 90 pad printing machines
Maintenance free pneumatic equipment

All models are equipped with maintenance-free pneumatic equipment and do not require special maintenance.

General Information

The adjustment table MVTC140 of the INKPRINT EAZY 130 pad printing machine is precisely adjustable on the X-Y-Z-R axes
The single color EAZY 130 pad printing machines are sold with 130 mm diameter closed ink cups and 150 × 300 mm standard cliché size, two color machines 110 mm diameter closed ink cups and 120 × 250 mm standard cliché sizes.

Technical Specifications

Printing Features1C2C RR
Number of Colors1 Color2 Colors
Cliché Size150×300 mm120×250 mm
Ink Cup Diameter130 mm110 mm
Maximum Printing Areaø115 mmø95 mm
Pad Horizontal Stroke200 mm200 mm
Pad Vertical Stroke80 mm80 mm
Two Colors -RR Cylinder Length125mm
Maximum Printing Force1060 N1060 N
Printing Speed/Hour1200 Pieces750 Pieces
Power Supply and Control
ControlElectro pneumatic
Power Supply110/220 Volt
Pneumatic Supply6 Bar
Width410 mm520 mm
Length850 mm850 mm
Height660 mm660 mm
Weight without Bench76 kg89 kg

(*)Pad holding cylinder and the inkcup are moved by two independent pneumatic cylinders.

This allows printing of larger parts than single pneumatic cylinder machines.


  • Painted steel bench to hold the machine
  • Scale
  • Extended adjustment table support
  • One Color Kit
  • Two Color Kit
  • Starter Set


⦁ Machine accessories are available on request.

Comec EAZY 130-1C Pad Printing Machine Video