COMEC ELEKTRA KE06 Pad Printing Machine

PDF Download pdf fileThe Comec KE06 ELEKTRA series is small, medium sized pad printing machine which are manufactured from high quality materials and are fully electrically driven without the need for pressurized air to operate.
As a novelty, the rotational movements used in the design of the machines are achieved by the cam mechanisms provided by the brushless motor, and the mechanical movements achieve superior precision and speed up to 3000 prints per hour.


COMEC ELEKTRA KE06 the 2-color printing machine due to its new cam mechanism can easily reach up to 2,000 prints per hour.
There is also a special version of this model that can print different shapes on both sides of glass surfaces
The print programs of the machine can be adjusted even during operation by means of the electronic touch screen display.

KE06 ELECTRIC Pad Printing Machines can be adapted to existing production lines or they can create their own production line with additional equipment such as rotary table, linear or elliptical feeders.

These models work with standard 200 mm x 100 mm clichés, making it possible to work with existing clichés of the other Comec machine models

The closed ink trays accelerate the ink changing process and provide a safe and clean working environment, saving up to 50% ink consumption compared to open trays.

The KE06 ELECTRIC Pad Printing Machines are equipped with fixing mechanisms that provide the flexibility of adjustment independently on all axes (XYZR) and do not require special care due to their construction.

Technical Specifications

Printing FeaturesKE06 1CKE06 2CKE06 2C RR-PNKE06 2C RR-EL
Number of Colors1 Color2 Colors2 Colors2 Colors
Cliché Size100×200 mm100×200 mm100×200 mm80×200 mm
Closed Ink Tray Diameterø90 mmø90 mmø90 mmø70 mm
Maximum Print Areaø75 mmø75 mmø75 mmø55 mm
Y Axis Movement Distance200 mm200 mm200 mm200 mm
Z Axis Movement Distance80 mm80 mm80 mm80 mm
2 Colors RR Cylinder Length125 mm (PN)125 mm (EL)
Maximum Print Pressure750 N750 N750 N750 N
Print Speed/Hour3000 Pieces3000 Pieces1500 Pieces2000 Pieces
Feed and Control
ControlBrushless Motor
Power Supply220 Volt
Power Consumption400 W
Width580 mm580 mm580 mm580 mm
Length740 mm740 mm740 mm740 mm
Height1670 mm1670 mm1670 mm1670 mm
Weight with Base90 kg95 kg95 kg95 kg