VISPROX VL8000 PVC Profile Printing Ink

Very fast drying and high alcohol resistance pad printing ink developed for PVC profile, ABS, SAN, styrene, soft PVC, polycarbonate, acrylic and synthetic surface prints.

It can be safely used on a wide range of products produced from ABS, SAN and polystyrene, such as household appliances, electrical home appliances, toys, plastic panels and such products. Due to high dyeing and color accuracy, it is the base ink in PVC pattering sector.

Colour mixing

Colors in Pantone, RAL, HKS standards can be obtained by using the main colors.
It is also possible to prepare colors according to samples outside the catalog..


  • 20-25% Thinner 85 can be added on the closed ink tray machines.
  • Depending on ambient conditions, at open ink tray machines or detailed prints, thinner 85 can be replaced by retarder 4 partly or wholly.

Other specified thinners or retarders may be used as required.

Ink Technical Specifications

Fast drying, coverage, very flexible, mono component, vinyl, pad printing ink.
Alcohol resistance is high
Air drying5-15 min / 20°C
Tunnel drying15-40 sec/ 45-55┬░C
Screenwash TF, Screenwash LP, Super Screenwash
All colors are suitable for EN71-3 and ASTM F963 norms.
RoHS Compliant.
Manufactured in accordance with REACH Regulation.
Rigid  PVC
Soft PVC
Polystyrene (PS)
Polycarbonate (PC)
Packaging1 lt, 5 lt
VVD-2 Fast pad thinner
Thinner #11 (Spray thinner)
Thinner #39 (Bisonil thinner)
Thinner #85 (Standard)
Gel thinner
Packaging1 lt, 5 lt
Retarder #4 (Slow retarder)
Retarder #7
P.C. Retarder #27 (Very slow)
Gel Retarder C.L.
Healthy and Safe Use of Products is indicated on the package.
Application Areas
PVC Profile Decoration
Printing on Home Appliances
Printing on Toys
Panel Printing
Main Colors
Opaque White8001 EO
Opaque Black8002 EO
Mixture Colors
Lemon Yellow8000 A
Golden Yellow8000 B
Orange8000 C
Red8000 D
Dark Red8000 E
Pink8000 F
Bright Violet8000 G
Permanent Blue8000 H
Permanent Green8000 K
White8001 L
Black8002 M
Clear/Overprint Vanish8049
Process Colors
Clear Tix8050
Yellow Tix8051
Cyan Tix8052
Magenta Tix8053
Black Tix8054