VISPROX V2000 (PP) Polipropilen Padprinting Ink

Colour mixing

In this color series blends can be prepared according to other color mixing systems, not only according to the A – M blend colors in the VISPROX Colormatic Color System


  • For machine printing 25-30% thinner 51 can be added.
  • For manual printing ÔÇô high details; 25-30% of Retarder 7 or Retarder 4 can be added.
  • Thinner 105 should be used in polypropylene prints.

Ink Technical Specifications

Fast Drying,  Air Drying, Covering, One Component, Two Components, Pad Printing Ink
Fast Drying, High Resolution, Less Smell
Air Drying5 ÔÇô 10 min
Tunnel Drying15-40 sec / 35┬░C
Screen wash TF, Screen wash LP, Super Screen wash
All colors are suitable for EN71-3 and ASTM F963 norms.
RoHS Compliant.
Polystyrene (PS)
Packaging1 lt, 5 lt
Thinner #51
Thinner #71 (Rigid PVC thinner)
Packaging1 lt, 5 lt
Retarder #4 (Slow retarder)
Retarder #7
Healthy and Safe Use of Products is indicated on the package.
Main Colors
White Coverage7501 EO
Black Coverage7502 EO
Combo Colors
Lemon Yellow2000 A
Gold Yellow2000 B
Orange2000 C
Red2000 D
Dark Red2000 E
Pink2000 F
Purple2000 G
Dark Blue2000 H
Dark Green2000 K
White2001 L
Black2002 M
Transparent / Topcoat varnish 20492049
Process  Colors
Transparent Tix2050
Yellow Tix2051
Cyan Tix2052
Magenta Tix2053
Black Tix2054