Comec PLT4G

It is a two-component pad printing ink that dries quickly with a glossy appearance and excellent covering properties.

Non-toxic pad printing colors (AT) complies with the European Directive of EN 71.3 and 2002/95 / EC. (RoHS).


Alloyed and Non-Alloyed Metals
Thermosetting Materials.


PLT4 has excellent resistance to many organic solvents and chemical substances.

Dry in the oven at 140 ° C for 30-60 minutes to increase resistance to water.

It has excellent resistance to fading due to light effect with DIN 6-8 fade resistance level.


Mix the ink and PLHG catalyst in 20:1 ratio (20 units of ink, 1 unit PLHG catalyst).

The catalyzed ink should be consumed within 8-9 hours after it is prepared.

Use %10-20 PLA thinner to thin the ink and stir the mixture.

In hot environments, we recommend using a small amount of PLD retarder when printing fine details or screened images (e.g. 80-120 lines per cm).

Application on Glass:

Preheat to prevent the moisture causes ink adhesion problems, cracking or blistering.

Drying and Hardening:

Dries within 10-15 minutes at 20°C ambient temperature.

If you want to dry in a few seconds, you can use hot air circulating ovens (60-80 ° C) or high temperature spot heat sources (air or infrared) placed on a turntable or conveyor belt.

The ink becomes completely hard within 7-8 days.

Main Colors

Comec PLT Karışım Renkler

CMYK Colors

Comev PLT Proses Renkler

Fluorescent and Metallic Colors

Comec PLT Floresan ve Metalik Renkler


Colors on the color scale are representative. Request a sample for true color.

Color Range:

COMEC Color Scale has 24 standard colors in bright tones and CMYK colors.

All colors can be mixed with each other.

On request; Special sample colors and colors in metallic/silver tones can be prepared.


PLA Thinner
PLB Fast thinner
PLD Retarder
PPLD Retarder paste
PLHG Catalyst
OP Opacifer.