Comec PLT22

It is a single-component ink and can be used as two-component ink.

Quick drying, with a mat appearance and excellent covering properties.

Suitable for immediate over-printing.

Non-toxic pad printing colors (AT) complies with the European Directive of EN 71.3 and 2002/95 / EC. (RoHS).


Solid and flexible PVC


It has a very good resistance to alcohol and perspiration on hand.

As a two-component ink, it improves mechanical-chemical resistance and adherence to the printed surface.

It has excellent resistance to fading due to light effect with DIN 6-8 fade resistance level.


Mix 10-20% PLA thinner with ink and stir the mixture thoroughly.

In hot environments, we recommend using a small amount of PLD retarder when printing fine details or screened images (e.g. 80-120 lines per cm).

To increase the mechanical and chemical resistance or adherence to the support, the ink can be used as a two-component ink by adding the special PLH catalyst in a 10:1 ratio (10 parts ink and 1 part catalyst).

Drying and Hardening:

The drying time takes 1-2 minutes at an ambient temperature of about 20°C.

If you would like it to dry in only a few seconds, you can use hot air circulation ovens (60-80 b °C) or high temperature spot devices (air or infrared rays) that can be installed on the piece feeding systems (e.g. rotary tables, conveyors, etc.).

When used in combination with the PLH hardener, the ink becomes completely hard within 24/48 hours.

Color Range:

COMEC color scale has 24 standard colors in bright tones and CMYK colors.

All colors can be mixed with each other.

On request; Special sample colors and colors in metallic/silver tones can be prepared.

Additives :

PLA thinner.
PLB fast thinner.
PLD retarder.
PPLD retarder paste.
PLT20/70 transparent base
PP2 adhesion promoter.
PLH catalyst
PLT 15/70 transparent base

Main Colors

Comec PLT Mürekkep Ana Renkler

Standart Colors

Comec PLT Mürekkep Karışım Renkler

CMYK Colors

Comec PLT Mürekkep Proses Renkler

Fluorescent and Metallic Colors

Comec PLT Mürekkep Floresan ve Metalik Renkler


Colors on the color scale are representative. Request a sample for true color.