Promotional Items

Pad printing automation systems are developed for special purposes that can be adapted to different printing processes and include complex or high volume Pad Printing systems.

PN-50 Paperclips

Printing on Paperclips

LPE130 4C 24ST ROT Pen

Inkprint LPE-130 Printing on Pen, Promotional Items.

LPE150 5C 12ST Golf Balls

Printing on Golf Balls 5 colours

XE30 4C Cosmetic Caps

Cosmetic Caps.

XP16 5C UV Drying CD-DVD

CD/DVD printing with LIN.XP-16-5C Pad Printing Machine + Elliptical Conveyor + UV Dryer


CD/DVD printing with 5 Colors Pad Printing Machine

XP08 1C SLIDE Cosmetic Plastic Hotel Shampoo Bottle

Pad Printing on Plastic Hotel Shampoo Bottle

XP08 3C RRR Soccer Ball

Printing on Soccer Ball in 3 Colours

XE30 5C Elliptical Conveyor USA Soccer Ball

USA Soccer Ball XE30 5C with Elliptical Feeder

XP16 4C 5ST Paper Cube

Paper Cube Printing

LPE60 4C ROT 5ST Eyeglasses Protection

Printing on Eyeglasses Cover

LPE130 4C 5ST USA Soccer Ball

LPE130 4C 5ST Printing on USA Soccer Ball