Pad Printing Automation Systems

Pad printing automation systems are developed for special purposes that can be adapted to different printing processes and include complex or high volume Pad Printing systems.

Promotional Items

Printing automations for various different Promotional Items.

Bottle Caps

Cap Printing Systems

Gas Tube

Special automations and printing solutions for gas tubes.

Hangers and Hanger Sizers

Hangers and Hanger Sizers

Visual Control System

Commemorative Coins and Medals

Automotive Spare Parts

Hose, Button and Spare Parts

Control Panel Printing

Print Automation systems and videos for pad printing on household appliances control panels and other fields.

Button - Knob Printing

Round Button Prints


Prints on various toys

Package Printing

Shampoo Bottles, Bowls, Jars

Electrical Components

Plugs, Contactors, Fuses, On Off Buttons

Printing on Medical Products

Syringe, Catheter Tube, Tooth Brushes, Pacifier, Vial Prints

Padprinting Processes

Comec Machine Videos

Miscellaneous Prints