Washing Machines for Printing Accessories

The Superwash Series washing machines are the best finishing touches for the inkprint pad printing machines for cleaning the cliches, ink-trays and other printing accessories used. They are entirely constructed in stainless steel and their pneumatic operations guarantees absolute safety on the job.

The Superwash washing machines are equipped with an active carbon filter with suction device that’s operates before the tub is opened. Liquiddetergent is sprayed inside the washing machine by a high pressure membrane pump through nozzles positioned above, below and on the sides of the tub. This action supplies the energy necessary for rotating the tub and guaranteeing optimum cleaning.

The washing machines are equipped not only with the active carbon filter but also with a pneumatic timer, a pressure regulator, an internal filter for the solvent and safety device on the door opening.
A still for recycling and recovering the washing solvent is available upon request.