UV300 Ultraviolet Curing Oven

UV-300 is an ULTRAVIOLET oven with belt at very high performances and extremely compact. It is used for pad print polymerization of UV inks – solvent based (or water based). It uses 150mm mercury lamp with power up to 300WPI assembled on an adjustable holder that allows the passage of printed items up to an height of maximum 150mm (if required, this height can be higher).

The belt built in inox can be speed adjusted up to 18mt/min. allowing a polymerization of inks that require energy up to 2000Mj/cmq. It is equipped with suction fan that can be connected with filter devices and fumes damp (forseen for this type of equipment) and it has independent wheels to have easy positioning.

  • Power Supply: 380 V – 3,5 kW
  • Belt dimension: 200×30 cm
  • UV lamp arc: 150 mm
  • Lamp power: 125 – 200 – 300 W.P.I.
  • Belt speed: 0 – 18 mt/min.
  • Weight: 270 Kg
  • Width: 820 mm
  • Length: 2150 mm
  • Height: 1600 mm
  • Max entrance height: 150 mm
  • Max entrance width: 300 mm