Surface Pre-Treatment Devices for Pad Printing

F012-1B / F012-2B FLAMERS

The Flamer devices are for treatment of the pieces before and after the printing phase, suitable to be put on all the pad printing machines built by Comec.

The Flamer devices are indicated for the pre-treatment of plastic surfaces such as PE-PP or for the after-treatment of material such as polyacetate, since it makes easier the adhesion and polimerisation of the ink during the print. On all our different type of flamer itÔÇÖs possible to install burner of different lenghts in order to work on surfaces of different dimensions.

These devices are column flamers suitable to be applied on pad printing units built by Comec Italia. They have pneumatic functioning and start through pedal or through the approval of the machine. There are two different versions of this flamer: F012-1B with single burner and F012-2B with double burner.

  • Pneumatic power supply: 5-6bar
  • Burner horizontal stroke 160mm
  • Type of gas (standard): L.P.G. (Liquid Gas)
  • Gas input connection to pressure reducer: W20x1/14″SIN.
  • Gas output connection to pressure reducer: ├Ş9-10mm
  • Gas tube: ├Şi8mm – ├Şe13mm
  • Burner width (optionalal) mm: 50-60-70-80-90-100-120-125-130-150-200-250-300
  • Machine empty weight: 35kg.
  • High: 1460 mm
  • Lenght: 860 mm
  • Widht: 400 mm


Plated flamming belt with adjustable guides, that have the purpose to drive the pieces to the burners place. Next to this place, thereÔÇÖs a photocell that shows the piece presence starting automatically the burners. The belt speed is adjustable from the main board.

  • Electrical power supply: 380V-50Hz
  • Power installed: 5490W
  • Belt gear motor: 170W
  • Belt speed: 0 – 18m/min
  • Opereting height: 130 mm
  • Operating width: 300mm
  • Empty weight: 135Kg
  • High: 1460mm
  • Lenght: 860mm
  • Widht: 400mm

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