Photoexposures for Photopolymer Cliches

Bro┼č├╝r Dosyas─▒n─▒ ─░ndirin

The immediate availability of cliches, in pad printing process, is foundamental to satisfy the final customer needs and to contain running costs.

The fast etching kits, for cliches in photopolymer, are created in order to let the customer be autonomous in the pad printing process. The devices are simple and cheap and they have a sophisticated device of electronic check that guarantees the maximum reliability.

These photoexposures, which are suitable to satisfy small production needs, allow to create fast and low price photopolymer cliches of different size. They are made of high quality materials and they have electronic timer and vacuum (NOT PRESENT ON BR25M) indicator for a perfect exposition. All the models have a kit of products studied to let the operator work in a easier way during the cliches production. Our production of manual photoexposure unit includes the followng models: BR35M and BR50M. All the models follow the actual CE normes.

Our production includes the following models: BR35SV, BR50SV and BR70SV. All the models have high efficiency vacuum pompes for the UV exposition plane, inox developping tank thermostated with rotating magnetic plane, warm air dryer oven (The models BR50SV and BR70SV have UV supplementary lamps in the oven in order to have a faster drying process of the cliches).

All the models follow the strict CE normes.