Elliptical Feeder Conveyor Model ALM.ELL.

Elliptical conveyor model “ALM.ELL.” with multiple plates from 12 up to 16 stations, and step of 127mm, 159mm, 191mm, 229mm, 280mm, the steps of the plates are programmable directly from the pad printing machine touchscreen. The conveyor is electrically operated by a brushless motor, highly precise connected to a chain. The plates are blocked by a pneumatic device under the printing stations in order to provide a perfect registration of the plates. The plates are assembled on ball bearings running on 2 guides ..

It’s possible to extend the Linear Feeder Conveyor with pre-treatment devices, such as Flaming or Corona treatment, as well as with “Pick and Place” devices for automation of loading and unloading precess of the pieces.

Elliptical Feeder Conveyors are mainly used on 4-6 colours pad printing machines with, or without Independent pads descent. Used primarily in automated applications to increase the hourly out put of the pad printing machines.

Elliptical Feeder Conveyor model ALM.ELL.

  • 12 ST – 4 colors print
  • 14 ST – 5 colors print
  • 16 ST – 6 colors print

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