Pad Printing Closed Ink Trays

Bask─▒ Makinesi Boya Hazneleri
Bask─▒ Makinesi M├╝rekkep Hazneleri
Bask─▒ Makinesi M├╝rekkep Hazneleri

The application of the closed ink tray on the pad printing ensures rapid color change and saves over 50% of the ink consumed during the change.

Another advantage of the system is that since it does not allow solvents that evaporate continuously from the ink tray, so there is no need the ink to be intervened during printing and makes the working environment healthier. The ceramic rings used on it double the lifetime of the steel clich├ęs.

The magnets in the tray allow perfect stripping quality and the change of the clich├ę can be easily done without needing additional tools.

Description of sealed ink cup group

  1. Pressure screw
  2. Cap
  3. Ceramic ring
  4. Magnets
  5. Inkcup body

Advantages of the hermetically sealed ink cup with ceramic ring instead of the traditional open inkwell system:

  • Save ink up to 50%
  • Solvent exhalation reduced of 90%
  • Fast color change
  • Fast set up of the machine
  • Fast clicheÔÇÖ change
  • Ink protected from dust and humidity
  • Ink viscosity more stable
  • Environment cleaner and more salubrious
  • Cliche life longer more than 2 times the old system
  • No risk to harm cliche or dr. blade while pressure changes
  • Printing process is easier also for new operators