Auxilary Devices and Accessories

Printing Machine Accessories and Equipment used in Pad Printing.

Photoexposures for Photopolymer Cliches

It allows companies that produce a wide variety of products in small quantities, to produce their own polymer clichés

Washing Machines for Printing Accessories

Used to wash clichés, ink trays and other printing accessories which are used at pad printing and screen printing.

UV300 Ultraviolet Curing Oven

Compact, very high performance, flow-band ultraviolet drying oven used in pad printing and serigraphy.

Pad Cleaning Devices

The COMEC pad printing machines can be equipped with systems for automatic cleaning of the pads by adhesive tape.

Pad Printing Closed Ink Trays

Closed ink trays with ceramic stripping rings that save up to 50% of ink consumption for Printing Machines.

Ceramic Scraping Rings

Up to 50% ink saving ceramic stripping rings for pad printing machines with closed ink trays (Ceramic Rings).

Infrared Drying Ovens

These are the machines used for drying inks used in pad printing and serigraphy.

Pad Printing Feeders

Pad Printing Feeders for Pad Printing Machines to speed-up the printing process.

Master Flow Drying Device

The device hot-air Flow Master model appears to be a viable alternative to drying ovens model MT for the drying of the pieces after the print.

Hot Air Blowing Devices

Hot Wind devices are used to blow hot air directly between the pad and the printed pieces in order to ensure a better release of the ink on the pieces

Automatic Piece Centering Device

The centering device allows absolute precision (±0.05mm) of the press and a vacuum system ensures that the piece does not lift during the printing of the pads.

Pick And Place Devices

Pick And Place Devices are used for automation of loading and unloading of the printed pieces.

Quality Control Camera

The cameras for monitoring the quality of printed parts are mainly used on automatic machines or production lines where the operator has not the ability to control the printing of each piece.

Surface Pre-Treatment Devices for Pad Printing

The Flamer devices are indicated for the pre-treatment of plastic surfaces such as PE-PP or for the after-treatment of material such as polyacetate..

Corona Pre-Treatment Device

Device for the treatment of material surfaces type Corona and can be installed on any conveyor of our pad printing machines.