Pad Printing Supplies, Steel Cliches.

Founded in 1972, TRİ Elektronik entered the Pad Printing sector with the production of Steel Cliches in 1991.

Visprox Pad Printing and Serigraphic ink sales since 2000 and Comec Pad Printing Machines sales and service since 2004, aim to increase customer satisfaction and brand reliability.

Pad Printing Machines

Standard pad printing machines include models that are compatible with many printing processes and can be projected as needed.

Pad Printing Inks

High alcohol resistant mono component, solvent and abrasion resistant bicomponent and UV protected pad printing inks.

Pad Printing Cliches

Pad Printing Cliches, Steel Cliche, Polymer Cliche. There are three main types of printing Cliches on pad printing.

Printing Pads

Pad is the basic element for ink transfer. For this reason, shape, hardness, surface quality and silicone type are very important.

Auxilary Devices and Accessories

Polymer cliché exposure units, washing units, pad cleaning apparatus, driers, ink trays, ceramic rings and more.

Textile Printing

Textile producers can now print their brands and washing instructions directly on the product.